At the moment we have amassed over 4000 unique ring models with more added every month. Every single model was designed to represent quality and be made to last a lifetime. 




When you buy a model an email/invoice will be sent to you with the download link for a .ZIP file containing the STL file and a Render of the model you bought. All download links are active for 30 days, after witch they are no longer accessible.

NOTE: Please use the latest software when opening .ZIP files, or errors may occur.



We accept payments via PayPal from over 200 countries/territories all over the world.



Pricing for model customization depends on the degree of customization.

  • Stone Size: depends on the amount of stones. Solitaire rings are often free while Pave rings are more expensive to modify.

  • Ring Size; Usually a free modification but the price can be higher for Halo and Cluster rings if the size differs too much from the original size, and Eternity rings usually have to get redrawn thus being the most expensive.

  • Other Modifications: From adding milgrain to adding stones or changing the setting, contact us and tell us what modifications you require and we will reply after we calculate how much work it requires.


  • Scene Setup is where we define the desired look and feel of all the renders that will be done for the customer. It is a one time payment unless there are major changes to the scene done down the line. Pricing per scene depends on the man hours spent.

  • More renders, the cheaper it gets per render. It is all up to you how many views/renders you want per model, from a single Perspective render to 4 View renders.

  • Changing metal or stone material is free, but it requires additional renders.​​

  • Customizing the model to look more like it's real world counterpart, or adding imperfections to spots where the metal couldn't be sanded or polished are the two most expensive options.

  • You can find out more about rendering on our dedicated rendering page,

Example Render Pricing:

Custom Scene ~ 25€

One x1080 render ~ 10€

4 view renders ~ 30€

One model but 3 different metal materials/colors ~ 30€

4view renders with 3 different materials/colors (12 renders) ~ 70€

Customizing model to look more like it's real world Counterpart/Adding Imperfections. ~ 25€ per hour


  • ​Be it simple turntable animation or something more advanced, we are able to make an animation that best suits your brand,

  • Processing time for animations can vary quite a lot, depending on the model complexity and the environment, from a few days to even an entire week.

  • Feel free to contact us about the pricing and give us as much details as possible about the desired animation. Things such as the resolution, framerate, duration, model complexity, etc. so we can calculate the price that we are both happy with.

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